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Wild Fire Guide


Living near wild lands and woodland areas is beautiful but it puts you at high risk of fire damage. Follow these steps to protect your family, home, and property.

Plan your water needs:

•   A portable gas-powered water pump in case the electricity fails.


Install hose spigots on at least two sides of the house and near remote buildings like garages. Install additional outlets at least 50 feet from the home.

•   A garden hose long enough to reach anything that’s burning.

Secure an outside water source, in case fire fighting elsewhere in your neighborhood sucks the hydrants dry. Do you have a small pond, cistern, well or swimming pool? Then you’ve got ammunition.

Gather your fighting tools:

•   A ladder as tall as your roof.
•   A long garden hose.
•   Rake, axe, handsaw or chainsaw, shovel, buckets.

Fire proofing:

Wild fire destroys hundreds of homes and buildings every year. If you clear flammable vegetation from the vicinity of your structure, you can reduce the risk of destruction by wild fire as much as 70 percent. Follow these tips.



Build a defensible area around your house of at least 30 feet. If you are on a hillside extend the down hill defensible area: Fire travels quickly uphill.


Plant fire-resistant shrubs and trees. Hardwood trees like walnut and cherry are less flammable than pine, evergreen, or eucalyptus trees.

•   Rake up leaves and dead limbs, clear away brush.
•   Thin a 15-foot space between tree crowns, and remove limbs within 15 feet of the ground.
•   Ask the Power Company to clear branches from power lines.
•   Remove vines from the walls of the home.
•   Mow grass regularly.

Clear a 10-foot area around propane tanks and the barbecue. Place a screen over the grill — use non-flammable material with mesh no coarser than one-quarter inch.

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