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Strategic Plan

The Town utilizes the Strategic Planning process to determine the appropriate goals and objectives that will further the mission of the Town in the near, mid and long term planning horizons.  The Strategic Planning cycle begins with a review of prior Strategic Planning efforts and includes an update of progress made towards identified goals and objectives.  Additionally, through Council workshops and Town outreach, the residents, businesses and other stakeholders contribute thoughts, ideas and suggestions for Council consideration in the Strategic Planning process.


The Town Council then identifies the primary Strategic Planning Goals and Objectives.  Once identified, supporting strategies and action plans are developed and prioritized in a measurable work plan furthered by the Town’s allocation of resources through budget process. 

The following chart graphically illustrates the Town’s planning cycle and how each phase of the cycle impacts the preceding and subsequent phase.


Planning Cycle

Strategic Planning Process - Fall 2015

The Yucca Valley Town Council recently held public Strategic Planning sessions and conducted an online survey seeking input on a variety of topics of concern and prioritization of the Town's limited resources. Throughout the fall, a vast collection of valuable information was received from the public during this process. Thanks to all who participated!

 icon  View Strategic Planning Introduction

 icon  Staff Report to Town Council - October 20, 2015
 icon  Presentation- Outreach Session- October 20, 2015

 icon  Staff Report to Town Council - November 3, 2015
 icon  Presentation- Outreach Results- November 3, 2015

 icon  Presentation- Goals & Objectives- November 17, 2015

icon   Final 2015 Strategic Plan and Action Plan - Adopted December 15, 2015

icon   Strategic Plan Status Update- June 2016

The Yucca Valley Town Council discussed strategic goals, and action plans at the November 17th meeting and the final Strategic Plan was adopted at the December 15, 2015 Town Council meeting. The adopted 2015 Strategic Plan is incorporated into the FY 2016-18 adopted budget as the guiding principles for primary budget allocation.


The Town Council also meets at 6:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Yucca Room of the Yucca Valley Community Center. The public is always encouraged to comment on Council priorities and the strategic plan. Agendas and minutes are posted on this site.

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