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Flood Guide

Before the flood:

•   Prepare a family disaster plan.
•   Find out if you live in a flood plain. Check with your landlord or title company.
•   Learn the safest route from your home or place of business to high, safe ground if you have to evacuate in a hurry.
•   Find out if you need flood insurance.
•   Do you have a solid emergency supply kit?

•   Make sure you have a portable radio, emergency cooking equipment
and flashlights in working order.

Prepare your house:

•   Have check-valves installed in your home’s sewer traps to prevent flooding waters from backing sewage up into house.
•   As a last resort, use large corks or stoppers to plug showers, tubs, or basins.
•   Check your roof for leaks. Clean out gutters and other drainage areas.
•   Bring outdoor belongings, such as patio furniture, indoors. Move valuable furnishings to the upper floors or to safe ground if time permits.
•   If you are instructed to do so by local authorities, turn off all utilities.
•   Be prepared to evacuate.

Flood Knowledge is key:

•   Ensure that your children know how to swim.
•   Establish a safe house for when floods are predicted, and the safest route to get there.
•   Teach them to seek out high ground when the water is rising.
•   Warn them that even slow-moving water in flood channels can kill grown, trained rescue workers, and are no place for children to play.
•   Teach them to stay away from storm drains.
•   Discuss with your family the types of disasters that could occur.
•   Explain to your kids how to prepare and respond to each type of disaster.
•   Discuss where to go and what to bring if advised to evacuate.
•   Practice what you have discussed.

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