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Measure Y and Measure Z

November 2016 Ballot Measures for Public Safety,
Streets and Roads, and Sewer Assessment Reduction

Election Results:
On December 13, 2016 the Town Council received and approved the final certified election results fro the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters. The results of the certification are as follows:

Measure Y- Town Essential Services

Yes     5,594     72.46%
No      2,126     27.54%

Measure Z- Sewer Assistance

Yes     6,281     81.24%
No      1,450     18.76%

By any measure, the response of the electors in the Town was overwhelmingly supportive of both Measures Y and Z. The Town appreciates the community participation in this election and their interest in Measures Y and Z. At the direction of the Town Council, the Town will continue to engage the community and look forward to the public's continued involvement and feedback. There is much work to be done to address the community's needs, and fully leverage the resources provided by these measures.
Next Steps:
Based on the election results, the following list of actions identifies the next steps and timelines required for implementation of both Measure Y and Measure Z.
Action Item Proposed Time Frame
Certification of Election December 13, 2016
Effective Date of Ordinance- Measure Y December 23, 2016
Effective Date of Ordinance- Measure Z December 23, 2016
Board of Equalization Agreements for Measures January 17, 2017
Introduction of Oversight Committee Ordinance January 17, 2017
Solicitation of Oversight Committee Members February 8, 2017
Approval of Measure Z Distribution Agreement February 21, 2017
Effective Date of Oversight Board Ordinance March 3, 2017
Effective Date of Measure Y and Z tax rate April 1, 2017
Review/Approval of Measure Y and Z Budgets June 2017
First Receipt of Funds from Measure Y and Z July 2017
Community Notification and Communication Ongoing
Revenue Measure Oversight Commission

One of the first actions the Town Council took in 2017 is the adoption of Ordinance 265 establishing a Revenue Measure Overisight Commission.  At the February 7, 2017 Town Council meeting the Council approved the commission guidelines and authorized the recruitment of potential commissioners. On April 4, 2017, the Town Council appointed seven (7) community members to the commission.

The Revenue Measure Overisight Commission will review and make recommendations to the Town Council on the use of funds generated by the implementation of Measure Y and Measure Z. The Commission meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.

How did Measures Y and Z get placed on the November 8, 2017 ballot?

At the Town Council meeting of June 2, 2015, the Town Council established a Revenue Ad Hoc Committee to work with various citizen groups and stakeholders in assessing the appropriateness for voter consideration of a local sales tax revenue measure or measures. This action was in response to two sales tax initiatives that were introduced to the community in 2015, but not circulated. The Council collectively determined that there was sufficient Community interest in meeting crucial Town-wide needs through a revenue measure.

Through the 2015 Strategic Planning process, continued commuity dialog and a statistically valid community survey conducted in April, 2016, the Town Council determined it was a viable option to bring a revenue measure(s) before the voters at the November 2016 General Election. On August 2, 2016 the Town Council unanimously voted to place two revenue measures on the November 8, 2016 ballot for voter consideration, each addressing specific community needs.

Below are the proposed measures, survey results, and additional information.

Proposed Measures on the November 8, 2016 Ballot
Essential Services Measure
Sewer Assessment Reduction Measure
Measure "Y" Ballot Question
Measure "Z" Ballot Question

To provide funding, that cannot be taken by the State, to maintain Yucca Valley services and help make neighborhoods safer, including: violent crime/burglary/home invasion prevention; youth crime prevention; anti-gang/anti-drug programs; adding police officers/neighborhood patrols; fixing potholes/maintaining Town streets; senior/youth programs; and other general Town services; shall Yucca Valley enact a 0.5% sales tax, for 10 years, providing approximately $1,500,000 annually, with annual audits, citizens' oversight, and all funds spent in Yucca Valley?

To reduce the cost to taxpayers for funding the sewer system up-to 30% per year; ensure a safe, clean, reliable water supply; and, improve water conservation; shall Yucca Valley enact a 0.5% sales tax, for 10 years, providing approximately $1,500,000 annually, that cannot be taken by the State, with annual audits, citizens’ oversight, and all funds required by law to be spent locally to equitably reduce the costs of the sewer system for all residents?

icon  Proposed Ordinance
icon  Resolution- Placing on Ballot
icon  Resolution- Preparing Impartial Analysis
icon  Resolution- Spending Principles/Advisory
  Sample Budget- Measure Y
icon  Staff Report- August 2, 2016

icon  Proposed Ordinance
icon  Resolution-Placing on Ballot
icon  Resolution- Preparing Impartial Analysis
icon  Staff Report- August 2, 2016

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Community Survey Results
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For questions or to schedule an info session:
Contact Lesley Copeland, Town Clerk

Town staff is providing several informational sessions on Measure Y and Measure Z. The public is encouraged to attend.

  • September 6th, 5PM, Yucca Valley Community Center- Yucca Room
  • September 20th, 5PM, Yucca Valley Community Center- Yucca Room
  • October 18th, 5PM, Yucca Valley Community Center- Yucca Room
  • November 1st, 5PM, Yucca Valley Community Center- Yucca Room
This page is dedicated to the ballot measures and will be frequently updated. Please refer back to stay informed on the process of these items.
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