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General Plan Update

What is a General Plan?
A General Plan is a set of long-term goals and policies that decision makers will use to guide growth in the Town of Yucca Valley for the next several decades. General Plans address a variety of issues including land use, housing, economic development, community design, transportation, open space, parks and recreation, infrastructure, natural resources, public safety and noise. State law requires that every City or Town adopt a General Plan.

The General Plan develops strategies to sustain the quality of life and economic prosperity desired by Town residents and businesses. The General Plan also creates a contemporary vision for the future that reflects the local values of residents, businesses, and Town officials.

The General Plan Update was adopted by the Town Council on February 04, 2014.


     Land Use Element

     Housing Element

     Circulation Element

     Open Space and Conservation Element

     Safety Element

     Noise Element


     Housing Technical Report


     General Plan Land Use Map

     Environmental Impact Report Volume I

     Environmental Impact Report Volume II

 Contact the Community Development Department at: (760) 369-6575 for more information.

General Plan
1995 Version


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