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Master Plan of Drainage

The Town of Yucca Valley Master Plan of Drainage is a comprehensive drainage and flood control plan providing a guide for orderly development of flood control facilities to improve the physical environment of the Town and assuring public safety and adequate flood protection of property. Contained within the report is watershed review and evaluation, including natural drainage courses, floodplains and existing drainage facilities; detailed hydrologic and sediment yield studies, sizing of regional, secondary and local facilities; improvement recommendations, preparation of plan and profile drawings, and cost estimates.

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Chapter I:  Introduction
Chapter II:  Hydrologic Studies
•   Development of Hydrologic Parameters
•   Rational Method Hydrology Studies
•   Unit Hydrograph Studies
Chapter III:  Hydraulic Design Criteria and Facility Sizing
•   Debris Yield
•   Hydraulic Design Criteria
•   Hydraulic Sizing of Conveyance Systems
•   Hydraulic Sizing of Detention Basins
•   Preparation of Plan and Profile Drawings
Chapter IV:  Preparation of Cost Estimates
•   Basis of Cost Estimates
•   Criteria
•   Development of Unit Cost
•   Results of Cost Estimate Study
Chapter V:  Description of Recommended Flood Control Master Plan Facilities
•   Description of Primary Drainage Course Improvements
•   Description of Detention/Debris Basins
Chapter VI:  Phasing For Implementation of Improvements
Chapter VII:  Tables
1. Peak Discharges for Non-Detained Alternative
2. Peak Discharges for Detained Alternative
3. Debris Yield Calculations
4. Summary of Hydraulic Sizing Calculations, Regional, Secondary and Local Facilities, Non-Detained Alternative
5. Summary of Hydraulic Sizing Calculations, Regional, Secondary and Local Facilities, Detained Alternative
6. Summary of Cost Estimates for the Non-Detailed and Detained Alternatives
7. Cost Estimate for Non-Detained Alternative
8. Cost Estimate for Detained Alternative
9. Detention Basin Costs
10. Recommended Priority for Implementation of Master Improvements
Chapter VIII:  Figures
1. Proposed Drainage Facilities, Index Map
2. Existing and Proposed Drainage Facilities, Base Map
3. Existing Drainage Facilities and Utilities Map
Street Flow Map
Plans and Profiles (full set containting items 5 - 42 below)
5. Pinon Creek: P01
6. Camino Del Cielo: P01-01 & P01-02
7. Water Canyon Channel: Y12
Water Canyon Channel Tributary: Y12-01
8. Kickapoo Drain: K01 & K01-02
La Honda Drain: K01-01
Inca Trail Wash: K01-03
9. Yucca Wash: Y01
10. Yucca Wash: Y01
Crestview Wash: Y01-02
11. Yucca Wash: Y01
Santa Fe Trail: Y01-03
12. Long Canyon Wash: Y07
13. Long Canyon Channel: Y07
14. Sage Avenue Drain: Y07-01
Long Canyon Wash Tributary: Y08
15. Hospital Channel: Y09 & Y09-03
16. High School Channel: Y09-01
Cholla Avenue Drain: Y09-02
17. Acoma Channel: Y10
Deer Trail Channel: Y11
18. Buena Vista Wash: Y10 & Y10-01
Deer Trail Channel: Y11 & Y11-01
19. Buena Vista Wash: Y05 & Y05-01
Sage Channel: Y06
20. West Burnt Mountain Wash: Y02
21. West Burnt Mountain Wash: Y02 & Y02-02
22. Warren Vista Drain: Y02-01
23. East Burnt Mountain Wash: Y03
East Burnt Mountain Wash Tributary: Y03-01
24. East Burnt Mountain Wash: Y03 & Y03-02
25. Farello Wash: Y04-01
OWS Channel: Y04
OWS Road Wash: Y04-02
26. Hanford Avenue Drain: Y01-01
27. Covington Wash: C01
28. Covington Wash: C01
29. Covington Wash: C01
East Fork: C02
30. Black Rock Wash: C03
Carmelita Wash West Fork: C03-01
31. Skyline Ranch Wash: S01
Ranch West: S01-01
32. South Skyline Wash: S02
Puente Channel: S02-01
33. Sierra Vista Wash: V01
34. Sierra Vista Wash: V01 & V01-02
35. Chipmunk Wash: V01-01
Hillcrest Wash: V01-03
36. La Contenta Wash: C04 & C04-01
37. Water Canyon Basin
38. Kickapoo Basin
39. Acoma Basin
40. Long Canyon Basin
41. East Burnt Mountain Basin
42. West Burnt Mountain Basin
Chapter IX:  Appendices — Not Included on Website
Appendix A
•   Policy Report and Conceptual Master Plan
•   Summary Report on Data Collection
Appendix B
•   Watershed Photographic Record
•   GIS Layers
•   GIS CD
Appendix C
•   Hydrologic Studies
•   Unit Hydrograph Studies, Volumes I through VII
•   Rational Method Studies, Volumes VIII through XI
Appendix D
•   Hydraulic Sizing Calculations and Debris Yield Studies
•   Open Channels
•   Underground Conduits
•   Debris Yield Studies
Appendix E
•   Non-Detained Master Plan Flood Control Facilities
•   Plan and Profile Drawings
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